Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Show your stakeholders that you are taking a holistic approach to the environment



Communicating environmental performance and environmental data is difficult. Especially in times when companies have an increased responsibility to demonstrate their impact on both the environment and its climate. Of course, most environmentally conscious companies focus on their overall environmental impact, but many find it difficult to communicate this to those who need the information in a structured and thorough manner.


What is an EPD certification? An opportunity for an environmentally conscious company is to communicate, in addition to a certified environmental management system, the environmental performance of its products. This is done by our environmental auditors reviewing the product's life cycle analysis in accordance with ISO standards and the regulations of the Environmental Management Board. Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) provides an opportunity to communicate the products' environmental and climate performance with A certificate for all national and international markets.

You can choose to certify an EPD for a product or your EPD process.


Environmental expertise Bureau Veritas Certification Sweden has been involved since the beginning of the EPD system. From having trained staff in Brazil and Japan to verifying a number of EPDs in both Sweden and abroad.

We give you Benefits as:

  • You get effective and credible communication of environmental performance to industrial customers as well as to consumers and the general public
  • You will receive a single document for all national and international markets
  • You get flexibility, as information can be updated with retained verification
  • You get increased goodwill
  • The EPD shows proactive and serious environmental work in the company
  • You get exposure at www.environdec.com

Network We operate in more than 100 countries. This global presence means that our customers can benefit from double international expertise combined with a truly deep local knowledge (language, culture, laws, customs, etc.) to ensure a high quality of our audit.

The global recognition mark The Bureau Veritas Certification certification logo is a globally recognized symbol of the company's continued commitment to quality, sustainability and reliability.



  • Where can we learn more about EPD & climate declarations? Bureau Veritas arranges open courses in life cycle analysis, LCA and EPD. Get in touch and we'll tell you more.
  • What does Bureau Veritas revise? Bureau Veritas Certification mainly reviews:
    • That the substrate is transparent and revisable, i.e. that LCA results and other information are traceable and source-safe as well
    • That all possible claims are substantiated and follow the possibilities offered by the EPD standard.
    • The EPD follows the PCR / CPC scheme
  • What does one need to do for an EPD? You need:
    • Consider available PCR
    • Collect LCA based data for the EPD
    • Compile environmental information for the EPD
    • Verification and registration of the EPD
    • Also includes the opportunity to create climate declarations based on data in the EPD
  • What is and why do you do an LCA? A life cycle analysis (LCA) is a mapping of a product's life cycle from the cradle to the grave where the cradle is the resources and raw materials used and the grave is the waste management that is applied when the product is discarded. The mapping includes resource consumption and emissions to air, water and land. An LCA provides an overall picture, so as to avoid sub-optimization of parts in a product system. It is therefore an important strategic instrument for gaining insight into the overall environmental impact of the product system and for identifying the weak points that may exist in the product system.