Automotive conference 2020

Sep. 14 2020

16 OCTOBER 2020


The conference has been much appreciated in previous years and will feature a number of interesting speakers. The event is aimed at individuals, organizations and companies who want to be inspired, and develop their knowledge by listening to success stories, tips and best practices linked to the automotive industry. Bureau Veritas Automotive Conference will be organized digitally this year.

We look forward to seeing you there!


8:30 Gabriel Bosaeus, Bureau Veritas Sverige

9:00  Johan Hellsing, CEVT

9:45 Energiboost

10:00 Stephane Ponthieux, Bureau Veritas Group

11:00 Energiboost

11:15 Lina Emilsson, Northvolt

12:00 End - Thank you for coming!


The speakers

Gabriel Bosaeus, Bureau Veritas Sverige

In connection with the Bureau Veritas Automotive Conference 2020, Gabriel Bosaeus from Bureau Veritas will present CARA (Common Audit Report Application), the new reporting tool within the IATF that will be mandatory for all IATF audits in the autumn of 2020, even if the customer is in the middle of an ongoing audit cycle. .

Gabriel will, among other things, present the benefits of CARA and how it works while giving you the opportunity to ask your questions about the tool.

Johan Hellsing, CEVT

CEVT is an innovation center for Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, and is developing mobility solutions for another tomorrow. Modular development, advanced virtual technology and software development enable CEVT to deliver world-class technology to all Geely brands.

Johan Hellsing is Senior Technical Specialist Electric Propulsion Systems at CEVT and during the Bureau Veritas Automotive conference he will talk about CEVT as a company within the Geely group, Geely's Driveline strategy and CEVTS focus on Virtual Engineering and how it can be linked to sustainable development.

Stephane Ponthieux, Bureau Veritas Group

TISAX, Trusted Information Security Assessment eXchange, was initiated in 2016 by VDA and has been developed by the ENX organization based on the VDA-ISA assessment for information security management for the automotive industry. TISAX is more than a standard based on ISO 27001 requirements with vehicle focus. It is an exchange program where all car players can share and show their highest level of performance for handling sensitive information and digital data for car activities. Today, TISAX is supported by most of the largest car players, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, including Germany, and addresses all value chains from parts manufacturers to marketing agencies. All players who handle sensitive digital information such as design, technical performance or client data may need to show their level of performance.

During Bureau Veritas Automotive Conference 2020, Stephane Ponthieux from Bureau Veritas will give you an introduction to the TISAX standard and its strategy.

The presentation will be held in English.

Lina Emilsson, Northvolt

The company Northvolt was founded in 2016 with the goal of developing the world's greenest battery cell and establishing one of Europe's largest battery cell factories with an annual production of 32 GWh - enough to power more than 500 000 electric vehicles. Central to the vision would be clean energy, recycling and sustainable processes - all focused on the gig factory producing the world's greenest battery.

During Bureau Veritas Automotive Conference 2020, Lina Emilsson, Head of Quality at Northvolt, will talk more about Northvolt and Li-ion cells but also their journey around implementing the ISO 9001 and IATF standards in the business.


You get many thought-provoking experiences

Good whole of the day

Rewarding and inspiring conference

The content was interesting with a good breadth for everyone

Very good composition of lectures

Good variety of speakers and companies!

Has received a lot of inspiration to take home to our company