COVID-19 - For our clients

Mar. 19 2020

Dear client

Our focus is still to ensure the health and safety of our clients and employees. At the same time, we would like to cooperate with our clients and partners to live up to our mutual agreements.

In the current situation, accreditation authorities have agreed to alternative audit methods – more specifically remote audits, in whole or partly. This means, the audit is not carried out physically but via Skype, Teams, etc. in whole or partly.

However, it is important to make it clear that all types of business are not covered by this audit method. This method of auditing shall only be used where there are specific circumstances and where the business as such is covered by this possibility. .

Our goal is to maintain the planned audit opportunity and to change the audit method to manage the audit remotely.

If we have a planned audit with your company in March-June and you as a business have specific circumstances where this audit method may be relevant, you should contact your designated audit manager immediately, who will perform a risk assessment with you to see if your business can be covered of this audit method and whether the audit is to be performed in whole or in part remotely.

Where a physical audit is still relevant, it is important to ensure that your company follows instructions from the authorities and from Bureau Veritas.

To the extent possible, our courses in April and May will be conducted as webinars. You who are enrolled in one of our courses these months will be contacted by us for further information.

The above apply until the end of March unless the authorities say something else.

Your usual contact at Bureau Veritas will also be available to answer possible questions.

Kind regards
Bureau Veritas Sweden


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