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Certify your value

With the support of a global network of 5700 highly qualified auditors and expertise recognized by 60+ national and international accreditation agencies, Bureau Veritas Certification offers you a comprehensive range of certification and auditing. From general standards to more customized systems in the areas of quality, health, safety, environment and social responsibility (QHSE-SA).

What is a certification?
Certification ensures that what your business contains, such as products and their components, services, work environment and systems, conforms to specific requirements. This should be reviewed by an independent, accredited party, such as Bureau Veritas Certification.

Why should you certify?
Certification can improve the experience of your brand, open up new markets or simply enable the company to function. It also helps you manage risks and driving performance by tracking a number of key variables over a period of time.

How does it work?
The certification process usually includes on-site audits and standardized tests and inspections. Once a certificate has been delivered, it is maintained through regular audits.





    The purpose with this introductory key verification is to get familiar with your company. We review your systems focusing on compliance with the system requirements. At the same time, we do a review of your documents in order to evaluate whether the documentation of your management system meets the specific requirements of the standard. Finally, the management’s evaluation and internal audits are reviewed. Then you will receive an evaluation of, and the answers to, whether you are ready for the key verification.


    In the key verification the management system is carefully looked at, so that it ensures, that the system meets the obligatory standards and requirements that are in the standard for which certification is sought. We look at the implementation of the system through the entire company and find any possible bottlenecks and risks, so that these can be brought into the audit programs. All key verifications are opened and ended with a meeting with the management. At the final meeting the management will get a summary of the audit in order to get a clear picture of what the audit report is going to contain. After this the following auditor develop an audit report to the management. The report will contain strengths, improvements and any possible deviations. Any deviations must be closed before the certificate is issued.


    The certificate will be issued when the company comply with the requirements of the standard, and any deviations are closed with corrective actions. The certificate is valid for three years if the system is being complied with. The certificate will state which scope the company is audited for, which standards and when the certificate expires. Is the company is audited according to the same standard on different sites, this will also appear in the certificate. All deviations, audit reports and certifications can be found in our online system, Maestro.


    Once you have received the certificate and have started to make internal audits so that the system is maintained, you are doing well. To be sure that the system is maintained, we come to visit either once a year or every six months – whatever suits you the best. On the visits we review whether your company still meets the requirements of the standard. These maintenance visits are not as comprehensive as the key verification itself.


    At the end of a certification period we do a re-certification which is similar to the key verification. There will again be a review of the documents and a thorough review of the management system. The re-certification audit will form the basis for the new certification, and the certificate is then issued once again.


    If you are already certified by another certification company, we can easily take over your certification. In that case we will review your current certification by visiting your company and assess audit reports and deviations. Based on this, a new certificate from Bureau Veritas Certification Sverige AB , which has the same expiry date as your old certificate, can be issued. In addition to this we make sure to maintain the certification cycle you were in before you switched to Bureau Veritas Certification Sverige AB .



    When using Bureau Veritas Certification Sverige AB and the marks from accreditation bodies, customers must comply with the following rules and guidelines, that are provided upon certification, including the requirements in the general terms of conditions for certifications services.

    It has to be perfectly clear what has been certified. The mark from Bureau Veritas Certification Sverige AB or the mark from an accreditation body may not be used on a product or a product packaging that is seen by the final consumer or which may otherwise be interpreted as a designation of product conformity.



    Protection of impartiality

    “One of the core values in Bureau Veritas, which is also a central element in our Code of Ethics, is impartiality. It is therefore essential for Bureau Veritas Certification to carefully handle all of the potential conflicts of interests in order to ensure objectivity of the audits and certification services at Bureau Veritas.

    This is important for protection of the objectivity and brand of Bureau Veritas Certification as well as securing customer satisfaction and compliance with accreditation rules and supervisors.

    Bureau Veritas Certification has defined and maintained a strict policy of impartiality and closely controlled this through both internal and external impartiality committees, which are established worldwide.”

    Bruno Ferreyra, Executive Vice President – Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS.