ISO 22000

Many standards have been developed in the field of food safety: special corporate standards, legal regulations, as well as standards developed by the retail trade. Their wide spread has made it difficult for many companies to adapt to change and follow developments. At the same time, the application of general principles for managing food safety risks has spread throughout the world. In the context of globalization and increased trade between countries, systematic and confirmed food safety work has become a more important aspect for all actors in the food chain.

What is ISO 22000?
The ISO 22000 standard is the first international standard for the implementation of a certified food safety management system. It includes interactive communication, systematic management and risk management.

Bureau Veritas Certification can help any food chain operator to meet the highest standards of quality, health and safety and the environment. We were the first international certification body in the world to receive ISO 22000 accreditation. This global presence means that our clients can benefit from double international expertise combined with a truly deep local knowledge (language, culture, laws, customs, etc.) to ensure a high quality of our audit.