iso 27001


Today, organizations are far more vulnerable to security threats than they used to be, due to the development of information systems and services. Information is an asset that, like other important assets, has a value and thus must be protected. Through proper mapping and classification of these assets and a systematic risk assessment of threats and vulnerabilities, your company can select appropriate controls to manage these risks and demonstrate that you maintain and respect privacy, privacy and accessibility rules.

What is ISO 27001?
ISO 27000 is an international standard for information management. The basic purpose is to prevent information in your organization from getting into the wrong hands or being lost forever. A management system for information security has three main components:
confidentiality - the protection of important information from unauthorized access
integrity - ensuring the accuracy and completeness of information and software
accessibility - ensuring that information and services are available when needed.

Is ISO 27001 applicable to all industries?
Yes, as all organizations handle information, they can benefit from the implementation and certification of an ISMS.

ISO 27001 is about IT, right?
No, ISO 27001 covers all aspects of information exchange, from computer to calls in public areas, including securing physical parameters and personnel. ISO 27001 will help you ensure business continuity in most conditions, such as fires, floods, data breaches, data loss, privacy and terrorism. It is possible for an organization to implement an information security policy that covers all forms of communication and data storage. ISO 27001 is the backbone for this.

Does a certification against ISO 27001 guarantee that we meet the requirements of GDPR?
No, but as the rules go into each other on many levels, it is a very good support.