Inspektion och revision

Inspection & Audit

Most companies need inspection or periodic surveys in some form. They need to ensure that premises, equipment, products and services meet the requirements for quality, health and safety, environmental and social responsibility, whether they are in accordance with legislation, industry or based on their own system, standards and requirements.

Audits can be conducted by your system and processes against virtually all standards or requirements, whether internal or external, at the local or global level. These services are often used as network audits, delivery inspections or supplier assessments. Contact us to hear more about these services and how we can help you.

Shop Inspection
Our industrial department offers a wide range of supplier-related services to assist engineers, contractors and designers. As part of the supply chain, Shop-Inspection is carried out to monitor and control production processes, to check the quality of the product or to accept finished products and to ensure that they meet your specifications regarding drawings, codes and standards and other relevant contract terms.

Factory Audits
Factory audits are a service for you who are planning to buy from a foreign supplier and want to be sure of the supplier's qualifications for the products you will order. This can be difficult to control on your own because of geographical distance, tight schedule or you simply have no experience with local audit. Our local team of experienced accountants can then be your eyes and ears to assess your suppliers. They have worked with the vast majority of product categories, have knowledge of local culture and language and can provide a holistic view of all the elements you need to know to move on with a supplier. A so-called "flash report" will be sent to you within 24 hours after the factory audit has been completed.

Contact us to know more about how we and our global network can help you secure your deliveries and save money.