VDA 6.3 Process audit

A process audit in accordance with VDA 6.3 is a very effective way of conducting audits in the business by reviewing the conditions for delivery to the automotive industry. The method is based on scoring different parts of the organization depending on how well the requirements in VDA 6.3 are. This course provides only an overview of how VDA 6.3 works. You do not become a certified VDA 6.3 auditer after this training.

  • Information

    Duration: 2 days

    Price: 9,900 SEK (ex VAT)

  • Distance

    December 10-11

  • Tutor

    Christos Skodras

For who?

The course is mainly aimed at internal auditors within the IATF.

The education does not require any prior knowledge, but in order to get as much as possible out of the course, we recommend that you have previously completed an internal audit training.


The purpose of the course is to increase the understanding of the audit methodology in accordance with VDA 6.3.

You do not become a certified VDA 6.3 accountant after this course.


When choosing courses from Bureau Veritas, you also select experienced teachers who work as auditors everyday. Our teachers are academically skilled with many years of practical experience. The experience they have gained through hundreds of audits comes to you through tips, advice and inspiration.

About VDA 6.3 Processrevision

In the course VDA 6.3 Process audit, the regulations VDA 6.3 are presented together with the audit methodology. The course mixes theoretical blocks and practical exercises to give the participant an increased understanding.


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