Internal Audit FSMS

To be able to use internal audits as an effective tool. Internal audits are a requirement for obtaining and maintaining certificates in accordance with ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000. With proper training, internal auditors become improvement agents that drive the management system and the work on food safety going forward. The training is aimed at those who have or will have a key role in the company's internal audit activities.

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    Duration: 2 days

    Price: 9,900 SEK (ex VAT)

  • Distance

    Spring 2021

  • Tutor

    Robert Orgren


Our courses are aimed at organizations and companies responsible for quality and environmental responsibility. Ombudsmen and other, other stakeholders.

The education does not require any prior knowledge but to get as much as possible out of the course we recommend that you have passed the requirements for FSMS - ISO 22000 + FSSC 22000 earlier.


The purpose of our courses is to provide practical and up-to-date understanding of standards as a means of creating business value.


After completing the course you have the mandate to do internal audits - do you want to take the next step and do audits externally? Take our IRCA course in ISO 22000:2018. Note the course is held in Denmark.


When choosing courses from Bureau Veritas, you also select experienced teachers who work as auditors everyday. Our teachers are academically skilled with many years of practical experience. The experience they have gained through hundreds of audits comes to you through tips, advice and inspiration.

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