FSC® - Course Package
- FSC® CoC
- Introduce FSC® CoC
- Internal Audit FSC® CoC

The courses are advantageously taken in combination, but can also be taken individually.

The first day is a basic course with a review of the requirements of the FSC® standard for Chain of Custody based on practical exercises. You will also gain knowledge of both the background and basic principles.

The second day we delve into the introduction of the FSC® STD 40-004 standard as well as additional requirements to be known as responsible for a Chain of Custody system.

The last day is a supplement specially adapted for you who will conduct internal audits.

  • Information

    Duration: 1-3 days

    Price: 1 day 4,900 SEK (ex VAT)
    2 days 9,900 SEK (ex VAT)
    3 days 14,900 SEK (ex VAT)

  • Distance

    November 3-5

  • Tutor

    Fredrik Cederqvist

For who?

FSC® CoC: Persons working with FSC CoC tasks in companies with responsibility to work according to the traceability system. The course requires no prior knowledge

Introducing FSC® CoC: FSC CoC managers responsible for meeting the applicable certification requirements in the organization. Introduce and maintain documented procedures. The course requires knowledge equivalent to day 1.

Internal audit FSC® CoC: Internal auditors with the task of evaluating that a site or subcontractor complies with applicable FSC CoC standards. The course requires knowledge equivalent to day 2 & 3.


FSC® CoC: Know basic requirements of FSC CoC standards linked to:

  • Marketing and labeling
  • Purchasing and receipt control.
  • Production and management of FSC claims. (transfer, credit, percent)
  • Sales and delivery
  • material Accounting

    Introducing FSC® CoC:

    • In-depth understanding of all requirements in FSC STD 40-004
    • Be able to apply FSC CoC requirements in their own operations.
    • Know the basics of FSC Controlled Wood to understand the meaning
    • Be able to establish and adapt routine, policy or other documented information.

    Internal Audit FSC® CoC: 

    • Know basic requirements in audit technology according to ISO 19011 (principles, planning, implementation and reporting)
    • Be able to evaluate FSC CoC standards and link audit findings to standard requirements
    • Be able to report an audit in accordance with the requirements of FSC CoC STD 40–003.


    When choosing courses from Bureau Veritas, you also select experienced teachers who work as auditors everyday. Our teachers are academically skilled with many years of practical experience. The experience they have gained through hundreds of audits comes to you through tips, advice and inspiration.


    Day 1: FSC® CoC



    FSC background and principles

    Requirements for documented routines and internal training.

    Auditing technology according to ISO 19011

    Chain of Custody - practical exercise: "FSC Factory for one year".
    The exercise clarifies roles and risks in an FSC CoC system and provides practical application

    FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) methods
    in-depth (credit, percentage method).

    FSC CoC claim for audit

    Review of FSC CoC requirements in FSC STD 40-004

    Advice notes and interpretations

    Rehearsal Chain of Custody requirements

    Promote, sell and deliver FSC products

    FSC Controlled Wood and Due Diligence (intro)

    Planning of audit + practical exercise

    Buy, control and manage FSC material

    FSC Multi-site requirements and management of corrective actions

    Document review, interviews and reporting + practical exercise



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