Quality Management System in Railway (IRIS)

A highly trained team is important to be first in the cluster in an increasingly competitive transport and mobility industry. The global railway sectors are facing greater legal requirements. Digital innovation develops the industry on an unparalleled scale and exposes companies - from OEMs, suppliers, to distributors - to new risks. Consumer demand has never been greater for safety, the environment and social responsibility.

Ensure that your teams are equipped with the skills and knowledge to deal with these challenges with Bureau Verita's range of training transport and mobility solutions.

ISO / TS 22163 (formerly known as IRIS) training
Actors throughout the railway chain must show their commitment to quality. ISO / TS 22163 is the world's leading quality management system for the railway industry. Bureau Veritas training for ISO / TS 22163 provides your team with the knowledge and skills required to implement, maintain and review ISO / TS 22163 quality management systems.

You will learn all the essential information about the certification process, correct interpretation and understanding of the requirements, as well as its specific assessment method in an overall way. You get tips and practical solutions on how to introduce the IRIS standard effectively for your company.

The opportunity also aims, among other things, to practice process-oriented auditing, to practice the internal auditors' correct behavior and to deepen your new knowledge through many exercises.

  • Information

    Duration: 2 days

    Price: SEK 9,900 (ex VAT)

  • Distance

    Autumn 2021

  • Tutor

    Thomas Brandin


This two-day course is aimed at companies that have plans to introduce IRIS or want a review of the standard and IRIS Rules.

The course requires no prior knowledge.


After completing the course, the course participants will understand:

  • The structure described in "Annex SL" including its effect on IS0 9001 and ISO / TS 22163
  • RIS rules
  • IRIS review tool
  • Applicable tools (turtle charts) and how to implement them effectively
  • The railway process's strategy for auditing, including risk-based thinking


After completing the course you will have basic knowledge of IRIS. With this knowledge you will have the opportunity to go together with a trained colleague in internal auditing and do audits. Furthermore, you can attend the course Introduction and Auditing IRIS 3.0  for further training on internal audits. The course is held in Germany.


When choosing courses from Bureau Veritas, you also select experienced teachers who work as auditors everyday. Our teachers are academically skilled with many years of practical experience. The experience they have gained through hundreds of audits will benefit you through tips, advice and inspiration.


DaY 1

DaY 2

8:30-9:45 Introduction IRIS Rules

8:30-8:45 Summary Day 1

9:45-10:00 Breakfast

8:45-9:45 ISO / TS 22163 requirement 8

10:00-12:15 IRIS Audit Tool

9:45-10:00 Breakfast

12:15-13:15 Lunch

10:00-12:15 ISO / TS 22163 requirements 9-10

13:15-15:00 ISO/TS 22163 requirements 4-7

12:15-13:15 Lunch

15:00-15:15 Coffee

13:15-15:00 Turtle Charts /
implementation of process review

15:15-16:30 ISO / TS 22163 requirement 8

15:00-15:15 Coffee


15:15-16:30 Internal Audit Technician



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