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Bureau Veritas is one of the world's largest companies in inspection, classification, consulting and certification. Our core competencies are quality, environment, work environment, safety and social responsibility, where we help companies to maintain and develop their brands, values and business.

Employees 35
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Innovation since 1828

Bureau Veritas Certification

With a certification, your company can strengthen its development in areas such as: Quality, environment, work environment, food safety and social responsibility.

With Bureau Veritas Certification as a certification company, your company's efforts are documented and recognized worldwide. With us, the box is full of alternatives, and the solutions are always based on your company's needs.

Bureau Veritas HSE

Bureau Veritas HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) is Scandinavia's leading consulting company in chemistry, dangerous goods and safety advice. Within HSE, nothing must be left to chance and the company's interaction with customers and consumers is central to us. Handling of chemicals and dangerous goods is supported by user-friendly IT tools and current problems are solved smoothly and appropriately. With the market's most competent and experienced advisers, we meet your requirements for business understanding and the development of valuable solutions.

At Bureau Veritas HSE, we keep you updated with the latest harmonizations and amendments to laws, rules and conventions. That way, you can concentrate on the most important thing - running and developing your business.

We optimize the entire process chain's handling of chemicals and dangerous goods in relation to legislation, rules and customer requirements.


There are many risks associated with the production of industrial products. With Bureau Veritas by your side, you are assured of competent risk management throughout the entire production life cycle - from design, procurement, implementation and operation to scrapping. With ongoing quality monitoring, you can document compliance with requirements from laws, authorities and customers.

For some companies, it is a legal requirement to have control over security. Other times, it is the market or the customer that demands quality and safety. In any case, Bureau Veritas can assist with an independent review of products, processes or competencies.


Since 1828, Bureau Veritas has been part of the maritime industry. A few years later, more than 10,000 ships were registered in our ship register and we had established offices in all the largest ports in the world. Today, we are one of the world's largest global players with offices in 140 countries and we offer a wide range of services throughout the ship's life cycle.

We offer, among other things: Classification and inspection of ships, approval of marine equipment, certification and training and education.

We help shipowners, shipyards, shipyards, equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, brokers and flag states to ensure compliance with international rules and regulations on quality, safety, the environment and the working environment.


Bureau Veritas also offers one of Sweden's most comprehensive range of courses on ISO standards. Click here to read more about our courses

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