Courses in Work Environment

Your company's human capital is its greatest asset. Bureau Veritas training and tools for occupational health and safety enable you to proactively prevent illness and injury at work. Placing health and safety at the center of your business helps protect employee well-being, earns customer trust, improves efficiency, and reduces risk.

Even experienced companies that have worked for many years to create a safe work environment can face challenges when it comes to managing well-being and mental work environment. This area requires other skills, tools, methods and solutions.

It is in this area that many companies experience their biggest challenges. Both because the area requires new knowledge and because the consequences of the effort can be quite significant. Bureau Veritas courses give you new skills to develop and raise the work environment to a higher level.

ISO 45001 offers a framework to protect your greatest asset: your employees. Our training and resources will help you better understand its requirements and responsibilities, so that you can proactively prevent occupational injuries and illnesses. Our work environment courses provide knowledge of how to implement the standard requirements, while our course leaders teach how to assess the effectiveness and compliance of management systems.

Achieving and maintaining sustainable ISO 45001 compliance requires collaboration between teams throughout your business. We offer a range of training courses for work environment, all taught by industry experts, adapted to your employees' specific needs and skills sets. Our courses provide basic and in-depth knowledge of ISO 45001. Our internal and leading auditing courses train students in analyzing the effectiveness and compliance of Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems.



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