Unlock Sustainability: Masterclass on LCA & EPD Principles, Frameworks, and Market trends.

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is a recognized method grounded in scientific principles and procedures for assessing the environmental impact of product systems and services. It quantifies potential environmental impacts, identifies improvement opportunities, and supports optimizing sustainability strategies. Integrating the life cycle perspective into business strategy can create value in both the short and long terms.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) have emerged as a crucial tool for environmentally conscious stakeholders seeking to evaluate the sustainability of products. Serving as standardized life cycle analyses, EPDs offer comprehensive insights into a product's environmental impact, spanning from raw material extraction to disposal or recycling. These assessments are governed by specific calculation rules, such as Product Category Rules (PCRs), ensuring consistency and comparability across products. Notably, the PCR for construction products, EN 15804, is widely recognized in the industry. As environmental awareness continues to rise, EPDs are poised to play an increasingly significant role in guiding consumer choices and fostering sustainable practices across various sectors.

This course aims to empower you with the concepts of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), providing knowledge on how to effectively produce them. You will recognize the standards and principles that guide LCA and EPD, like ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 as well as Product Category Rules (PCR). By the conclusion of the session, the will have the knowledge and insights necessary to not only understand the core of LCA and EPD, and their applications but also the market trends including the barriers, driving forces and latest developments.


  • Introduction to LCA 
    • What is life cycle assessment (LCA)?
    • Understand the essence of LCA, its framework, and the guiding principles laid out in ISO 14040
    • Break down the stages of the framework and learn how to practically define and implement them
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPD):
    • What is an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?
    • What makes up an EPD and how to interpret a Product Category Rule (PCR) to craft a meaningful EPD?
    • Navigate the EPD review process and understand the key steps involved
  • LCA and EPD demand and trends
    • Shall explore the demand for LCA and EPDs
    • Drivers and barriers to LCA and EPD development
    • Market response and latest developments shaping the landscape


After the training, you will have knowledge and understanding of:

  • Understand what LCA and EPD are and recognize their framework. Recognize the standards and principles that guide them.
  • Identify how to do a Life Cycle Assessment and create an Environmental Product Declaration. Develop knowledge of calculating the environmental impacts of a product system and make sense of the results.
  • Consider life cycle inventory data management, quality issues, reporting and understand the importance of third-party verification.
  • Understands the demand for LCA and EPDs, barriers and the driving forces, market responses, and the latest developments.

Target Group

The training is aimed at managers in manufacturing operations, the service sector and private companies and public administrations such as environmental and sustainability managers/coordinators, environmental and economic analysts, consultants or others who are interested in LCA and EPD.


The training does not require any prior knowledge

Course details

DateLocationLanguageTutorPriceSign up
19 AugustOnlineEnglishMuhammad Arfan700 € ex VATBook here
27 AugustOnlineSwedishViktor Hakkarainen7 000 SEK ex VATBook here
16 SeptemberOnlineEnglishMuhammad Arfan700 € ex VATBook here
22 OctoberOnlineSwedishViktor Hakkarainen7 000 SEK ex VATBook here
11 NovemberOnlineEnglishMuhammad Arfan700 € ex VATBook here
17 DecemberOnlineSwedishViktor Hakkarainen7 000 SEK ex VATBook here 


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